Tom Daley To Explore The Surrogacy World In New BBC Documentary | TV News


Having a child can be one of the joys of this life for some people, but not all the couples have the possibility to experience the joy of parenthood.


This is why the BBC are developing a new documentary film that will explore the ups and downs of surrogacy, “one of the most complex issue in modern society” according to BBC Head of Commissioning, Natural History and Specialist Factual Tom McDonald.


Olympic diver Tom Daley is set to star in the hour-long documentary. The British diver, who just had a son via surrogate with his husband, Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, will gives us a look inside his personal journey as well as the that of other.


He’ll be meeting up with women who became surrogate and those who oppose the practice. Daley will also explore how the world of surrogacy works, how the system and laws in the UK work, where it’s illegal to advertise for or pay surrogates except for reasonable expenses.


Given Daley and Black’s personal experience, it will definitely an insightful look into the challenges that people, who decide to have a child via surrogate, encounter along the way.


The standalone film, which is executively produced by Tom Barry, will air in 2019. It was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, BBC Director of Content, and Tom McDonald, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual.



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