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Rage Against The Machine‘s guitarist, Tom Morello, has joined forces with the Russian activist punk collective Pussy Riot for a new single entitled “Weather Strike”.The track was released with its official music video directed by Ksti Hu.


The two bands have always been really engaged in their lyrics among RATM’s major song we can remember their 92’s hit “Killing In The Name”. This one isn’t different Morello and Pussy Riot have made a song with both English and Russian lyrics.


It also features some provocative lines such as “I’m sorry I just puked on your police suit / You touched me and I vomited, so cute / You’d better call me daddy but don’t shoot / You better call me mami when you lick my boot.”


The song is combining Morello’s signature guitar licks along with some electro-pop vibe. Some moments of the song are also accompanied by a piano which take the place of the guitar to something smoother.


About the song, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova shared “‘Weather Strike’ is a dreamy, utopian track for me, we loudly proclaim the future we want to see: alternative systems of public safety where police violence is no longer an issue, an ultimate joy of rebellion and rejecting injustice, and also I sing about my dream to turn the main FSB (ex-KGB) building into an immersive museum where we’re going to learn about dark moment of Russian history – I’ll make it happen when Putin is no longer in power“.


Tom Morello and Pussy Riot developed a mutual admiration for one another. In a press release, Morello talked about the activist collective: “Pussy Riot is one of the most radical and important activist musical groups of all time. Their fearless blending of art and confrontation is a constant inspiration and it’s an honor to combine forces on this powerful, revolutionary track “Weather Strike”.”


Tolokonnikova also commented, “Both for Tom and me, politics have been always closely intertwined with our music, like two sides of a Möbius strip. It’s an honor to collaborate and be friends with Tom. I feel strong, empowered, supported, seen, respected, when I work with Tom, I feel that we’re forming a good part of a revolutionary art army together, true allies and comrades.”


Pussy Riot is a feminist punk rock and performance art group that is based in Moscow. The group’s lyrical themes often include feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, opposition to Vladimir Putin and his policies as well as his links to the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Their first song, “Kill The Sexist”, was released in October 2011 and since then they have been making the headline for a decade. However, they never released a full-length album but this is about to change. Pussy Riot’s debut album is meant to arrive later this year.


They also released several singles this year including different collaborations with Dorian Electra, Siickbrain, and HOFMANNITA. In February, Pussy Riot released the single “Rage” which called for the release of prominent Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny from jail.


Meanwhile, Morello has also been busy with the release of several collaborations. He appeared on the last album of The Pretty Reckless – with the song “And So It Went”, and has teamed up with System Of A Down‘s Serj Tankian to realize a cover of the song “Natural’s Not In It” by Gang Of Four. In 2022, he will be on the delayed reunion tour with Rage Against The Machine.


Watch the official video of “Weather Strike” here:




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