South East London Singer Kaia Laurielle Enthrals Us With New Single ‘Nearly’ | Music News


Soul singer and author Kaia Laurielle has done it again with her single “Nearly”, which follows on from the singles “Waiting Room” and “Gold” from her Waiting Room EP released last year.


“Nearly” is a soulful ballad. It features Kaia’s soft, haunting vocals over bass tunes. The acoustic song also features the appearance of a female choir for added depth, and we could even say it adds a certain live concert vibe.


This music is definitely the perfect music to listen to during a fancy dinner with your soulmate, you could nearly feel like it is the perfect song to fall in love with, the softness of Kaia’s voice really brings the perfect vibe. It thrills us from the very first notes and touches us directly in the heart.


This single is accompanied by a captivating visual that perfectly represents the harmonies of the song and the sensuality in the singer’s voice. With the golden touch to the visual, the song feels rich and very delicate


Kaia, who takes her inspiration from Nina Simone, D’Angelo, and Lauryn Hill and her culture, perfectly mixes soul, R&B, and electronic music. It’s a bit of a trademark and it’s what makes his previous tracks so successful, such as “Love Me Or Leave Me”, from the Waiting Room EP.


You can listen to “Nearly” just below.




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