Toronto Artist And Producer Mark Pelli Unveils New Single ‘Don’t Go’ Featuring Cedrice | Music News


Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer Mark Pelli has just released a moving and rhythmic new song titled “Don’t Go”. Featuring Cedrice, the mix of both voices just brings that specific sad vibe where the title implies everything, don’t go away.


The single is just the right track to listen to right after a difficult and hurtful breakup. The track talks about relationships, how having loved someone is better than nothing but also why there isn’t love anymore. The song will make you question yourself, but it also comes with mesmerizing melody and vibe.


“Don’t Go” explains why is it that relationships often become so painful. Even though your love for your partner is deep and vast, you can’t help but push them away and self-sabotage. “It’s better to have loved than never at all” is the first line of this song and was inspired by a famous quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson.


With their angelic voices, the singers bring us into their feelings and their emotions. The song is one where most people can relate to the pain of love lost. With some soft instruments sounds and some electronic sounds too, the tracksuits well the singer’s voices.


Mark Pelli is a singer and a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. He is the guitarist and co-founder of the critically acclaimed group Magic!, he wrote the hook of the song “Rude” which achieved number 1 status on US Billboard charts for six consecutive weeks and also hit number one in many other countries around the world.


He is a great songwriter and has produced records for many artists including J/ Cole, Chris Brown, Shakira, and many more well-known artists. Influenced by numerous musical genres, this particular song has a vintage Motown feel.


Cedrice is a previous contestant on The Voice, where she gave a very good impression. Since then, she has gone on to prove to the music industry that when you want it, you do what is needed to. She is a strong woman that brought that extra touch to this single with Mark Pelli.


Listen to “Don’t Go” right here!




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