TIGERDAZE and Jaya Raise Collaborate On New Single ‘Murk’ | Music News

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New York-based artist TIGERDAZE has collaborated with Jaya Raise on their latest album Metanoia, of which the song “Murk” appears among the 10 songs offered.


This music is about letting go of the things that are harmful to us. It’s about getting rid of the things that stop us from moving forward, as cigarettes, alcohol and even medicine, as the lyrics say. Quite simply, it is also music dedicated to people who have found themselves at their lowest ebb and have found the courage to move on.


The message is delivered in a rather chill and light atmosphere. The male singer’s voice sounds smoky in a way and seems somewhat distant. A way to distance ourselves even more from our addictions. It is also undoubtedly the mix of atmosphere between TIGERDAZE and Jaya Raise that gives this rendering.


The album in which this title appears, is an album of change of all kinds, whether of intentions, thoughts, attitudes or even diet and company. It’s an album which, in a way, allows us to take stock and confront changes that seem to be inevitable. Moving away from the bad to attract the good.


You can listen to “Murk” just below.




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