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In a new interview with Out Magazine, Troye Sivan shares some honest and humble truths. Having only released his debut album in December 2015, Sivan still has moments of feeling overwhelmed and incredibly fortunate. “I was on the cover of Rolling Stone Australia, and I had booked Ellen. I was like, What the f**k? Anything else after this is a bonus.


It wasn’t long ago that Sivan was an unsigned pre-teen, singing in front of a camera and uploading the results to YouTube. His presence on the website eventually propelled his visibility, provoking millions to subscribe. As Out quite rightly state: “Arguing whether YouTube-first stars have real power is as useless as it was to dismiss Beatlemania. They do”.


Later in the interview, Sivan talks about how he feels whilst performing: “I’ve been looking at people’s faces a lot more during a show, and it’s been getting me insane amounts of joy. I see kids closing their eyes and singing the lyrics, and I see kids with huge smiles on their faces, or I see kids that are on a date […] it just really makes me happy”. Out also reference a moment mid-performance where a Sivan helps a young girl come out as bisexual.


To conclude, what would an interview in Out be without discussing Sivan’s own sexuality? The “Youth” singer is out and proud, though it wasn’t always that way. In regards to song “Heaven”, Sivan recounts: “It was me thinking about how hard I try to be a good person and then feeling like, before I even opened my eyes as a little baby—because I think I was born gay—I was a sinner”.


Read the full interview here.



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