Troye Sivan Releases Cover Art For ‘Dance To This’ With Ariana Grande | Music News


After the announcement of a new tour and his queer music video for “Bloom”, Troye Sivan recently broke the news of his fourth single “Dance To This”, a collaboration with Pop princess Ariana Grande for his upcoming album Bloom.


“Dance To This” is expected to be released on June 13 and is described as a “mellow dance track”.


Troye has released three previous singles in “My My My”, “The Good Side” and “Bloom” and the album is expected to drop on August 31. Troye wrote the album with Leland and Allie X.


He described the album as more “darker”, “sexual”, “more guitar-driven” and “more danceable” than his previous material. He said that there are many songs which talk about the defiant gay expression. The first song, “Seventeen”, is about a sexual experience Sivan had while underage with a man he met on Grindr.


Have a look at the cover art below:



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