Two New Trailers Unveiled For ‘True Detective’ Season 2 | TV Trailer

True Detective Season 2 header


Two new True Detective season 2 trailers have been released! Throbbing with the same relentless sinister music as the previous trailers, the cool factor is thickly applied and the details are teasingly sparse, relying on what clearly is dynamite cinematography in brief snapshots of action to hint at what’s to come. Edited perfectly in time to the music’s escalating beat, these snippets show moments of adrenaline intersected with quiet, uncomfortable and poignant shots as we hear laden yet context-less statements by the four key characters adding to the intrigue.


Season 1 was heady with elegantly crafted atmosphere that captivated and communicated volumes, saturating its leading characters with its weight into a slick and epic masterpiece. The trailers we have seen for season 2 show promise that this unflinching emotive style is back in full force with a new and compelling Californian flavour.


I welcome judgment“, Colin Farrell’s corrupt detective states provocatively. He is joined by Vince Vaughn playing a career criminal on the edge of loosing his empire, Rachel McAdams as a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective in conflict with the morals of the system and Taylor Kitsch as a moterbike Patrol Officer who discovers a crime scene and subsequent scandal that the series will follow. The characters look artfully desperate under layers of professional control, the performances we glimpse here look truly magnificent. Vaughn at his cocksure, cynical best, Farrell, bristly and unpredictable, McAdams tortured and headstrong while Kitsch is cryptic and enigmatic.


This offering skips dialogue altogether, upping atmospheric stakes with more flashes of agitated characters increasing in pace. There is also the introduction of a new female character, presumably Vaughn’s on screen wife played by Kelly Reilly. True Detective season 2 has been written by creator Nic Pizzolatto who penned the first season and the episodes look due to be split between different directors including Justin Lin who has been confirmed for at least the first two episodes. The season premieres on HBO on the 21st of June with the ambiguous teasers building the anticipation masterfully without giving anything away. We’ll just have to wait!





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