‘Versailles’ Tops Ratings Once More, Beating BBC 1’s ‘The Big C And Me’ | TV News



First Peaky Blinders and now Versailles, I dare say that BBC 2 is becoming the new home of hit programming. The cut throat French drama about the court of Louis XIV drew in 2 million viewers for the second episode of the series, pipping BBC 1 to the post for the second week running.


1.7 million people watched the show, which easily beat BBC 1’s The Big C and Me, which attracted the lower 1.5 million. However, the arguable true winner of the night was ITV, whose Secrets of Growing Up attracted the greater 1.9 million viewers, with the true first place going to Channel 4 with its 24 Hours In Police Custody, which topped the bill with 2 million viewers.



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