Vince Staples Releases Trailer For ‘The Vince Staples Show’ | Music News


US rapper Vince Staples has shared a trailer for his new project titled The Vince Staples Show. The “all original series” is coming later this week.


There is not much information about the latest release from the Long Beach rapper for now. According to the video, the mysterious series is due to premiere on Thursday, August 22.


The trailer features Vince Staples himself persuading two boys to sell candy outside a supermarket. “You already know the deal, we’re not doing too much talking. I ain’t got time for no cold feet”, he tell them. “Both of you signed up for this. You either with it or you not”.


Staples also shared a link to The Vince Staples Show’s official website, which prompts fans to sign up for updates on the rapper’s latest work.


Earlier this month, Staples abandoned the legendary Def Jam Recordings and signed to Motown Records, signalling that he might be working on his fourth studio release. Billboard confirmed the news in a tweet and added that new music from Staples is coming in “a week, two weeks”.


The west coast rapper’s most recent release is his collaboration with producer Kenny Beats. The album titled FM! came out in November last year.


Watch the trailer for The Vince Staples Show here:




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