Vivienne Westwood’s New Collection Inspired By Carrie Bradshaw’s Bridal Dress | Fashion News


The famous ‘Cloud Dress‘ worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the popular Sex And The City series has become a model for the new Vivienne Westwood capsule collection.


Vivienne Westwood decides to honour the 10th Anniversary of Sex And The City by creating a whole collection made with the ‘Wilma Cutting System‘, used to sew Carrie wedding dress. The collection this time is designed for people who attend the wedding and not the bride herself.


If you are interested in buying some piece of the Wilma Cocktail Collection you can find it here. If you are feeling the nostalgia, you can visit the Vivienne Westwood Boutique in NY and you will be able to see Carrie’s wedding dress until June 3.









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