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Choice of color is one of the key decisions when making website design. People are quite quick with judging about an outer look of a website, so your color palette might play here an important role in making viewers stay on the website. Naturally, there are other factors of successful website design, but the color is one of the most substantive.


Using these color palettes, you can decide on a vibe, impression, or whole aesthetic view you’d like to communicate via your findings in design. The websites were selected based on Awwward’s website of the day selection. Let’s check out these portfolios, product launches, and simply nice webpages to get some inspiration.


Please note that the color codes comply with the colors of the websites. The colors presented in the color palettes might differ a bit because the images were saved for the web.


Not sure if these are worthy of application? Then our article on several tips on graphic design for beginners or amateurs will help you to start working with website color sсhemes 2016. Don’t hesitate recalling the very basics of color theory to use your knowledge properly.


Color schemes might increase readability, beauty, and integrity of your page. What do the colors convey? What combination would communicate the right message without any words? Finally, what do you want to reach using the selected colors? Also, consider the application of an appropriate types of background texture.


These questions should be resolved during first brainstorming session when you discuss the aims of the whole project. We hope our article was useful; for you to understand that even small details are necessary for creating messages in website design.



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