‘Westworld’ Seems To Get Even More Twisted In Season 2 | TV Trailer

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‘Westworld’ Seems To Get Even More Twisted In Season 2 | TV Trailer


Two years have passed since the first season of Westworld aired on HBO. The show is based on the film of the same name by Michael Crichton and tells the story of a theme park. Everything there is run by ‘hosts’ – an artificial intelligence that believe they are humans. But as time passes they become self-aware and don’t want to be the toys of humans anymore.


We saw this in the first season and after the dramatic season finale, the fans couldn’t wait for a new season. Over the last few months, the official Westworld Twitter Account dropped hints about the new season. Now they finally released a trailer for the upcoming season and it seems to live up to the hopes of the fans!


While the first season focused on the park called Westworld this season will explore the world outside of the park but we also get a look at a new park called ‘Shogun World’. Thinking about the film there are probably 3 more parks that could be explored in the following seasons but for now, we can be excited for the first episode coming on April 22.



The cast for this season includes familiar faces such as Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, and James Marsden. There are also some new members to the cast, for example, Jonathan Tucker, Neil Jackson, and Katja Herbers.



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