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I have to confess that my obssesion with September issues relates back in 2004 with the very first fashion magazine I owned: the September issue of TeenVogue that year, with Adam Brody and Alexis Bledel on the cover aka perfection, it opened a whole new world for me, being 14 years old, I felt so lucky I found that magazine, I read it a million times, over and over again, and sometimes I still do, it made me realize what I wanted to do, it had everything: fashion, articles, gorgeous pictures, everything… But, enough of my unconditional love for a magazine…


For all fashion print media, the September issue is the most important, the most anticipated and even though the internet has stolen a few print readers, this issues sells the most copies compare to the rest of the year, because it sets the time to change seasons from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter, all in one glorious magazine. Everything about this issue is planned almost a year in advance, from the number of ad pages and the cover: the location and context, the colors to draw attention, the star, who always has to be someone who is interested in fashion, and of course, that readers can identify with.


There’s also no surprise what so ever (and I totally agree), that this particular issue had it’s boom after the R.J. Cutler documentary The September Issue, that shows Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor-in-chief, preparing the 2007 Autumn fashion issue. Now, 2015’s September issues are covered by Karlie Kloss, who recently turned 23 and has landed two covers: Glamour and Flare magazine, her best friend Taylor Swift is fronting Vanity Fair, the beautiful Emma Watson covers Vogue UK as the voice of a generation, and Maxim’s first male solo cover ever featuring handsome actor, Idris Elba.




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