Will Smith In Talks To Play Genie In Disney’s Live Action ‘Aladdin’ | Film News


The live-action Disney reboot train keeps rolling on, and Will Smith seems desperate to get on it. After talks fell apart when Smith was attempting to get in on Tim Burton‘s Dumbo remake, the A-list actor has now turned his head to perhaps an even larger role. He’s in talks to play the Genie in Aladdin.


Of course, to reference Dumbo one more time, the elephant in the room is that whoever plays Genie will be replacing the affable, legendary Robin Williams who hit the role out of the park in the 1992 animated film. It’d be hard, perhaps impossible, for anyone to match Williams’ performance in the 90s, so perhaps the next best thing is to get one of the most famous, likeable actors around to fill those big shoes.


With production set to begin in July, and director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes, Snatch) already lined up, confirmation (or more apparent scheduling conflicts) should come quickly. Ritchie’s version will reportedly still be a musical, and he’d holding open casting calls for the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine, so getting a star like Smith in is certainly a big deal for producers hoping for big box office numbers.


Until then, Ritchie’s latest film, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword is set to arrive this summer, while Smith is starring in Netflix’s first blockbuster, Bright, which hits the streaming service late in the year.



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