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Canadian label wings+horns collaborates with family business Kyoto Montsuki Company and launches the darkest of the dark collection Kyoto Black.


If the perception of light is seeing, then black is the colour of invisibility. In space we have observed the ultimate black, a black hole. A total absence of light.


Kyoto Montsuki Company has worked with only one color since 1915. In 1996 they have developed a dyeing technique called “kurozome kakumei”, which uses non-toxic materials and lets to manufacture a high-quality and very resistant black colour clothing.


Black is the colour of subtlety, of silhouette and shadow”.


The collection includes four items, which are Terry Crewneck, Terry Sweatpant, Denim 5-Pocket Pant and Denim Trucker Jacket. All come in one and only one colour. The pieces are made by Kyoto Montsuki Company with a scrupulous attention to detail.


Black is timeless. Black is the colour of eternity”.


However, the collection is limited. If you hurry up, you can purchase the items on the official website. The price range varies between $230-510 CAD. The cost is very reasonable, having in mind that the technique requires large amounts of dye and that all of the items are hand-dyed in Japan.


Kyoto Black is a partnership between Canada and Japan, and is “built on the value of process, techniques and expertise”. It is explained that not the style and profit, but the meaning is the main focus of this collaboration.


It is about the timeless spirit of black”.


Wings+horns chose to present the collection with the help of art book publisher Brick Press and here’s a video how the limited edition Kyoto Black book is printed:



See all the items below:







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