‘X-Files’ Series 10, Episode 2 – Founder’s Mutation | TV Review

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‘X-Files’ Series 10, Episode 2 – Founder’s Mutation | TV Review

X-Files 09.02.2016ANDREW


Last night was the second in the series of the X-Files reboot, which aired on Channel 5. This didn’t quite hit the heights of the first episode, though it was interesting nonetheless.


That first episode was definitely set deep amidst the alien mythology/conspiracy line of the story, as was this one to an extent. However, though not a bog standard ‘monster of the week’ feature, the main story does seem to take a backseat, at least for a majority of the episode.


Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate the brutal suicide of a genetics researcher. You cringe as the letter opener is pulled out the brain and popped eardrum of the dead man for closer inspection. Any help the duo were hoping for regarding the death quickly dissipates as the company seems to do all they can to be difficult. This, of course, leads the agents to believe something is being hidden from them.


They gradually uncover that there are experiments being carried out on pregnant women; leading to which appears to be both horribly deformed children and also those with telekinesis, some of which can breathe underwater. The latter, of course reminding Mulder and Scully of their own, in hiding, child, William.


It turns out it was a high pitch frequency that, almost beyond human endurance and paralysing them with pain, killed the researcher. It was, it’s gathered, an accidental attempt to contact him by telekinesis.


This then leads Mulder and Scully to turn their attentions to what is perhaps actually a secret government sanctioned scheme to experiment upon the youth of America and their pregnant mothers. The plot, again, thickens. Not as captivating or intense as the previous episode, but nonetheless a more laidback delivery that still contributes sizeably to the conspiracy cannon.



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