Yiigaa + Louis Culture – Wounds | New Music


Since releasing her debut EP Mist just last year, the artist known as Yiigaa has assuredly built herself a cult following with her eclectic take on Alternative R&B, comparable to the likes of Nao. With newest single “Wounds” you get the sense that she’s really about to take off.


Fuelled by infectious beats and Yiigaa’s casually brilliant delivery, “Wounds” is a track that sees the artist free herself from internal worries, her literal ‘wounds’, and find the strength to move past it all. This latest cut is moody, slow brewing, mid-tempo track that has the feel of a classic, completed with the poetic sounds of fellow South London rapper Louis Culture.


“The track is an insight into an emotional journey into self-belonging, leaving the past behind, moving forward and getting through the hard times on your own. The voice in your head getting you back on track.” Yiigaa says on her inspiration.


Blue Rivers In My Wrist is the forthcoming project that “Wounds” will feature on, set for release this June and also features previous single “Enigma“.




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