Zerina Akers Launches New Website For ‘Black Owned Everything’ | Fashion News


2020 has postponed many industries and businesses because of the pandemic, because of the lack of time, materials, labor, and many other reasons. But 2021 is here and people are ready to face it and take advantage of any situation to gain as much as possible.


Here we are going to talk about a Black-owned business, driven by the young and talented Zerina Akers who has been around for some time and working for of our favorite personalities like Beyoncé, for whom she has worked for the past six years, as well as the duo Chloe x Halle and many more.


Zerina has always worked hard to get where she is now. She has become a well-respected stylist in the fashion industry and for almost a year now, she has been curating an Instagram page called Black Owned Everything‘ and of course, she has just launched a website to go with it, to put forward Black-owned businesses with the creative and lifestyle industries.


This new platform has many objectives but as its name says, it is specially made for all Black-owned businesses out there. The goal is to put forward these businesses who have had a hard time between the pandemic and any racial biases – that have been going way too long – and haven’t been able to promote their businesses.


The website is a new step for these businesses to get the popularity and the sales that they should have. There are so many businesses that struggle so Zerina has come up with a brilliant idea here. It is not only for fashion and beauty, but also for food, various types of goods, and any basic lifestyle categories.


I quote Akers, who said in a recent press release, “Black Owned Everything will serve as a content hub for creators to virtually connect with designers through immersive storytelling and activated experiences with the idea of becoming a destination for Black-owned excellence“.


In only a few months, the Instagram account has grown really quickly, with now over 227,000 followers, and with Black History Month in the US still going on, it is perfect timing to really get this platform working for the businesses it serves. Thanks to the website, the 30 black-owned companies that are now featured will get the visibility they need.


The platform is much more than hashtags or protests or marches, it is delivering something more permanent for these businesses. They finally have the platform to have a more powerful voice and hopefully soon enough, there will be even more businesses featured on the website.


You can visit the ‘Black Owned Everything’ website here.



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