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Beyoncé – Sorry | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Beyoncé – Sorry | Music Video

Beyoncé 23.06.2016ANDREW


Beyoncé is finally rolling out some standalone visuals from her blockbuster album, LEMONADE. That video is “Sorry”, and was directed by Dikayl Rimmasch, who has previously worked with her and her husband, rapper Jay Z. The theme of the track, talking of Jay, seems to imply trust issues, but it is unsure if it is a reference to their own relationship.


It opens with the tinkle of an old child’s toy, which accompanies a prologue by the singer. Then the song proper kicks in, bass heavy and not as creepy as the introduction, but perhaps more intimidating. Melody does gradually creep in, though. The last minute or so breaks down the song, with additional aspects sounding like sirens during a impending nuclear meltdown.


The clip features tennis player, Serena Williams, being a very suggestive backing dancer. The video itself is captured in black and white, with tribal face paint upon all the other backing dancers. Sudden, seemingly speeded up jerking movements are made, like a creepy kids in a horror film, all syncopated expertly with the lyrics of the song.




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