CeeLo Green – Sign Of The Times | Music Video

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CeeLo Green – Sign Of The Times | Music Video

CeeLo Green


CeeLo Green has just released an official animated video for his new single “Sign Of The Times”. The track is a funky, neo soul jam which Green uses to explore the current conditions of society and civilization. The video is set in a dystopic world and tracks the existence of a visored individual who is living amidst the apocalypse.


There are various scenes depicting a dilapidated and burning city, suffering citizens and a devastating flood. Eventually he leads a group towards salvation and they walk off into the horizon in search of a new land away from the chaos of the city. The visuals are an excellent accompaniment to Green’s questioning song and his portentous laments of “Why can’t we open our eyes to the sign of the times?“. “Sign Of The Times” is taken from Green’s forthcoming album Heart Blanche which is set for release on November 13. Check out the video below.




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