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CNYNS – She Can Dance | New Music



A couple of years ago I was introduced to Touch Sensitive’s “Pizza Guy”, and on that day I renewed my love for 80s music and found a new love in 80s influenced music. So, naturally, when I came across CNYNS’s new one “She Can Dance”, it took barely thirty seconds before I began writing up this piece.


Hailing from sunny Californ-i-ay is the brains behind the whole project – Chase Rossner – who has been pursuing his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter since high school.


Recorded locally at Foreword Productions, this tune may have found its way onto the Drive soundtrack had it not been made sooner. The drumbeat is offset by well-layered synths and tightly-packed riffs to create an 80s/Disco blend that you’ll love until your heart stops.




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