‘Doctor Who: Face The Raven’ Cleared Of Insensitive Scene Claims | TV News

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‘Doctor Who: Face The Raven’ Cleared Of Insensitive Scene Claims | TV News


BBC’s episode of Doctor Who titled The Zygon Invasion has been cleared of recent complaints by Ofcom after viewers branded the episode as “insensitive” for showing a plane being shot down by a doppelganger of the Doctor’s assistant Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), so soon after the Metrojet plane crash; which killed 224 passengers.


The broadcasting regulator received 31 complaints about the episode, as the scene that used a bazooka to shoot down the plane carrying the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) could be viewed as too soon after the revelation that the Metrojet crash was linked to a terrorist bomb.


An official Ofcom spokesman recently commented: “We received a number of complaints that it was insensitive to broadcast this episode, which featured a plane being shot down, so close to events in the Sinai peninsula. In our view, the science fiction nature of Doctor Who and the storyline created a sufficient distinction from recent events. We therefore will not be taking the matter forward for investigation”.



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