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EPROM – Oksana | New Music

Conversations About Her

EPROM – Oksana | New Music


Portland-based producer EPROM has released a new single title “Okasana”. On top of that, a new EP is on the way called Drone Warfare, which is EPROM’s third EP this year. The upcoming EP will be out on November 28, through British label 1985 Music.


The new track “Okasana” is explained like this by This Song Is Sick: “…it is highly recommended blasting this on some speakers that can handle some serious low-end.” A track with many merged samples influenced.


EPROM has been releasing non-stop stream of music in this year, which is only good for fans and followers. It has been music in form of the Pineapple EP plus a collaborative EP Acid Disk with G Jones, and there is still more to come. The renowned producer has been compared to Aphex Twin because of the experimental sound that snatches our attention.


Resident Advisor has said that EPROM’s signature sound can be explained as: “meshing the rude with the avant garde“. The producer is right now on a national tour together with G Jones in support of their Acid Disk EP. Listen to the new electronic single below by EPROM below.




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Natasha Amankwaa

My name is Natasha, I am studying Performance Design and Business Studies in Denmark. I love music and I use a lot of time to even find new urban music that is different compared to the average. I have been travelling a lot the last couple of years and loves to explore new cultural places and grew my horizon and knowledge about the world. My motto in life is: Always find the things that makes you happy and explore the world you live in. Because there are so many surprises that you would never have guessed existed.


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