Fleet Foxes May Have Let Slip Title Of New Album | Music News

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Fleet Foxes May Have Let Slip Title Of New Album | Music News

Fleet Foxes 25.07.2016ANDREW


Principal songwriter for the indie folk band, Fleet Foxes, Robin Pecknold, might have let slip something on Instagram. With the band due to resurface with their first material since 2011, frontman Robin has possibly just let slip, up until now, the secret title for their upcoming album.


Apparently, the location of one of Robin’s latest Instagram posts was ‘Crack-Up Comedy Night’. One canny follower ventured that this was perhaps a potential album title for their next release. Robin said he was close, leading a few other commenters to opt for Crack-Up, which he then confirmed.


Robin then went on to then state that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Crack-Up essay was a primary influence on the choice. “f scott fitzgerald essay / arrangement and editing approach / school initials,” which the band’s followers tried their best to make good sense out of, placing their minds within that of the brainstorming frontman.


Robin’s original comments have been deleted, but his explanation remains. Furthermore, Robin’s been getting ponderous with fonts recently, sharing the aforementioned album title in stylised format. No specifics on when that new Fleet Foxes album will surface, though this teasing, as such, might go a long way towards building anticipation.



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