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Kanye West Is Done With Making CDs | Music News

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Kanye West Is Done With Making CDs | Music News



If you read the title of this story and thought that Kanye West will stop making music, then I’m sorry to disappoint you (or make some of you happy?) but that’s not the case. West is not giving up on music altogether, but he is in fact thinking of abandoning the CD format once and for all.


The rapper took to Twitter – as he does A LOT lately – and informed his fans that he’s planning on only streaming his music from now on, instead of releasing it on CD. “I was thinking about not making CDs ever again … only streaming”, he wrote.


Part of his problem with the already outdated format seemed to be the packaging of his 2013 album, Yeezus. I don’t know why it took him three years to realise that its overly minimal cover did not match his expectations; but you’d think he’d be the first one to either approve or disapprove it first. In any case, it has now made him see that CDs are not for him.


That’s why he tweeted, “The Yeezus album packaging was an open casket to CDs. R.I.P.” before concluding, “Uuuuuuum, so there it is. … No more CDs from me.” Who knows, maybe someday he’ll decide he hates streaming as well. Check out Kanye’s tweets below:






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