Lil Bibby + Tink – Gotta Have Some More | New Music

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Lil Bibby + Tink – Gotta Have Some More | New Music


If I keep it real, initially I only rushed to hear this song because I saw Tink’s name and I haven’t heard from her in a hot minute. Nonetheless I have to give props to Lil Bibby. I had never heard his music before this but I will definitely be paying a little closer attention from now.


His latest track “Gotta Have Some More” features Tink and rightfully so. Tink’s vocals are a sultry contrast in this hood love ballad. It also features as part of his upcoming mixtape Free Crack 4, which is something I can say I actually am interested in listening to.


Not sure of the release date but you can get into “Gotta Have Some More” below in the meantime.




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