Luke Vibert To Release New LP Through Planet Mu | Music News

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Luke Vibert To Release New LP Through Planet Mu | Music News

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Cornwall’s Luke Vibert has announced that he will be releasing a new LP titled Bizarster on October 16 through the record label Planet Mu. This will be Vibert’s first release under his own name since 2014’s Ridmik. On their website, Planet Mu have mentioned that the album will be an eclectic mix, as most of Vibert’s records are, of such genres as Hip Hop, Jungle, Disco and “spaced-out electro“.


Vibert is one of the old guard in the UK electronic music scene, having been active since 1993 under a few different monikers and owner to an impressively large discography. Listen to clips from the upcoming Bizarster album via Planet Mu’s website here and listen to some of Vibert’s previous work under his Wagon Christ alias below.



Bizarster album tracklist:



2. Officer’s Club

3. Hey Go

4. Ghetto Blast Ya

5. I Can Phil It

6. Manalog

7. War

8. Bizarster

9. Power Press

10. L Tronic

11. Doozit

12. Don’t Fuck Around



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