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Opia – Shadow Dances | New Music

Opia Shadow Dances


Earlier this year, music bloggers everywhere were blessed with the slick and sultry tones of electronic/R&B pairing Opia‘s “Falling”. Topping Spotify, Hype Machine and Soundcloud’s charts within days, Jacob Reske and Cole Citrenbaum made it clear to the world that they have tapped into something pretty special.


With a lot of expectation surrounding the release of their latest single ‘Shadow Dances’, then, you’d expect the duo to flinch under the spotlight, but instead they’ve flourished. Blending with the likes of Jack Garratt and Honne, Opia bring seductive strings, gliding piano keys and an irresistible rhythm to the table, only for us to sweep them off dramatically in the midst of overwhelming sexual desire.




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