Promoters Are Tailoring Festivals To Attract Certain Audiences | Music News

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Promoters Are Tailoring Festivals To Attract Certain Audiences | Music News


When you go to a festival, what kinds of people do you expect to see? What kinds of people would you like to see?


As The Guardian reports, some festivals have taken measures to ensure that certain people are less inclined to go. They’ve done this by: avoiding popular headliners, releasing a small amount of tickets, having “strong underground lineups”, and more. The festival Freerotation has taken it a step further by making it members-only: “only those who know someone who has already been can get tickets”.


Adam Saville backs this VIP-style approach by saying that “exclusivity does help promote a kind of unity – everyone there is into the same thing and there is less opportunity for a clash of cultures”.


People who go to festivals just to see headliners and big names seem to be particular targets in the article, too.


However, not everyone agrees with this exclusivity. Bill Brewster states: “We live in a society that’s divided and that is inevitably going to have parallels in other layers of culture and music. Festivals and weddings used to be one of the few places where different generations and different types of people came together. I don’t think it’s like that any more and it’s a shame really”.


Please do read more in the link as it’s an interesting discussion and something which is bound to divide music lovers’ opinions. What’s your take on it?



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