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PUSHER – Clear (PatrickReza Remix) | New Music



It’s always fun to hear another artist’s take on a song, so when I heard that LA dubstep producer PatrickReza had remixed what is already a top tune in Pusher‘s “Clear”, I had to hear for myself what he had come up with. All I can say is beware, song may cause permanent face melting.


The Canadian artist has described his music as shiny and colourful – and Reza has made it dark and dutty by comparison. Say goodbye to a free floating feeling and say hello to severe skanking and screwface levels. If you have a body that just won’t quit, then you have no need to worry. For those mere mortals, however, expect hearing and hip-bones to recover in roughly 3-4 weeks.


All in all, a fierce revamp which could easily wangle its way on to any party playlist.




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