Tash Sultana – Notion | New Music

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Tash Sultana – Notion | New Music


Australian female solo artist Tash Sultana has given us an insight into her melancholy mind this week with her hauntingly beautiful track, “Notion”.


A couple of years ago, the multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne wouldn’t have even considered the possibility of singing publicly, let alone doing it for crowds across Australia and Europe. However, through her time spent busking on the South coast, Sultana has managed to embrace her unique vocals and turn what initially seemed like a negative into a positive.


With vocals ranging from a gentle lullaby to a throat-tearing wail and stirring strings that could send you to cloud nine and back, I’m certain it won’t be too long before the tormented artist is being dubbed the female Matt Corby. And I’m sure both sets of fans will be eagerly anticipating a collaboration in the near future.




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