Aimée – Don’t Bother | Music Video


Dublin’s newest burgeoning pop star comes in the form of singer/songwriter Aimée. Having peaked at number one on iTunes the day of her debut release, she finally reveals her debut music video for pop hit “Don’t Bother“.


With producer Richey McCourt by her side, the pair have concocted a confident, catchy and fun track in “Don’t Bother”. Aimée has given us a modern R&B-Pop track that can stand side by side with some her contemporaries – guitar driven yet explodes into a pop melody by the chorus.


She flips the narrative of typical ‘break up’ songs to her own and it comes across in the video too. Confidently moving on from her ex lover and eradicating all the leftover memories in a creative way – plus our popstar shows off some slick choreography.


Aimée shared: “With the video for ‘Don’t Bother’, I really wanted us to create something with the energy that matched the track. As it’s a song that I wrote about a personal experience, I always envisioned having my friends perform with me in the video.”



“Being able to choreograph the dance section of the video, really allowed my personality to come through and for me to have my own creative stamp on it – which I think is important with your first video.”


A trained dancer, and natural vocalist, Aimée has navigated the bumpy pop path to emerge as a confident songwriter, and an artist who is – and sounds – completely in control of her creative vision.



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