Alec James Payton – Ornery | New Music


Alec James Payton is spreading his traditional folk roots through his music, which will remind the listeners about the american midwest, the special place where he was born and raised. In his musical expressions, he uses harmonica licks, fingerstyle guitar picking, and stripped-down production, while being influenced by the revival artists of the 60’s.


The young singer-songwriter has just released his second album Skin I Feel No More, recorded in the hills of Kauai in July of 2019. He took most of his inspiration from his roots. In each of those 11 tracks, he retraces important subjects to him, such as depression, regret, lost opportunities.


The leading single of his album is “Ornery”, a precious piece where it is possible to hear his personal and confession-style lyricism. His pure voice sings with a disarmant sincerity his lyrics while guitar riffs keep playing softly and shyly. In this song there’s an hiding talent and passion that make the whole album worth listening.


Since independently releasing his first collection of original songs in late 2016, he has been playing in all kind of venues throughout the United States and has been featured on live radio as far away as Australia, he will surely go even further with his music.


Listen to the song below:




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