Alvaro Soler + Flo Rida + Tini – La Cintura | Music Video


In this hot weather, summer hits are appearing everywhere, and if they have already been released, it’s time to bring them back up and start dancing all over again. This is exactly what has happened to “La Cintura”, the vibrant single from Alvaro Soler, which arrived first in March, giving everyone the right energy to anticipate the good season, now has a music video to boot.


The collaboration with worldwide famous Flo Rida is a fortunate success, but it is not the first time for Alvaro to deal with such big personalities of the music scene. In January 2016, the remix of his debut hit “El Mismo Sol” was released with Jennifer Lopez, mixing English and Spanish lyrics as both artists can perfectly speak the two languages.


Alvaro, by the way, is a real polyglot, speaking English, Spanish, Italian, Catalan; his father is German (Tauchert his first surname) and he lived in Japan for seven years.


The video for “La Cintura” was just released some hours ago, and was shot around Cuba and Miami, and shows contrasts between day and night, beach and city, with the traditional refrain and coreography of course included.


Flo Rida puts his flow in the song, with some American rap which more or less is the translation of what Soler sings; Tini, young Argentinian artist and known especially for her acting role as <em Violetta, impresses with her vocals over the last minute.


A funny and variegated mix of voices and personalities that won’t let you get tired of “La Cintura”.




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