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Amber Mark – Monsoon | New Music

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Amber Mark is a newcomer in the music industry. Only few months ago she uploaded on soundcloud her first songs performed from her own bedroom. In her twenties this New York City girl is a citizen of the world. She stayed in India for a while when she was little and as you can hear in her music; she is influenced by the sounds and rhythms’ of the culture she discovered there.


This new track of hers, “Monsoon”, is a song about the relationship she had with her mother, who we can hear for a little while in the last part of the song, just talking to her. She deliberately uploaded this today because that is the day and the month that her mother passed away. When she is talking about music she always says that her mother with her positive and loving figure and the memories that they had together, always influences her in every step that she makes, in music but also in real everyday life.


I think this ethnic, soulful song can touch different, delicate chords into every girls heart because as much as we don’t want to admit that, we all respect and love our moms, even though sometimes the circumstances don’t let us show to them our endless love and spent quality time with them… So let us all enjoy this new song and dedicate it to all the mothers in the world who are the real heroes in every child life!




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