Anik Khan – Habibi | Music Video

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Anik Khan – Habibi | Music Video


Paying homage to his roots, Anik Khan gives us a taste of his hometown with “Habibi“, the first music video off his hugely popular debut album Kites. A proud Bangladeshi-American, the new video, directed by Christian Nolan Jones, is unapologetic and bold yet casual and cool.


As the title suggests, “Habibi” being an arabic term meaning ‘beloved’, its clear Anik is all about his brotherhood. Whether he’s hustling, at his job or chilling at ‘the spot’, he’s always rolling with his brothers. Anik paints a visually artistic scene of his New York hometown consisting of his favourite places, that ultimately make his ‘home’ what it truly is and that is totally worth savoring.


The track also serves as a salute to the artist’s Muslim roots. Diverse instrumentation – courtesy of aywy, Raj Makhija, and Anik himself – reflect a string of different influences, ranging from the urban stateside bustle and bass to the traditional Asian percussion alive in the chorus.


Watch the new video below:




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