ANoyd – Shepard’s Pie/Blessed | Music Video

ANoyd 26.05.2016ANDREW


ANoyd has come through with the video for a track off his latest upcoming project, Once In A BRGNDI Moon. These consist of visuals for his new music, a concept titled “Shepard’s Pie/Blessed”.


The first half of the concept, “Shepard’s Pie”, is ominous with an occasional rattle, like a coiling snake. Then comes bottomless bass before the second half, “Blessed”, begins. This also has deep bass, and tinkling keys like you might hear from an eerie horror film. He really locks in with an expert, passionate flow.


Using biblical words and connotations, he declares “Shepard’s Pie” in the closing moments of the first, where, visually, you see him right in front of three crosses. One, you assume, with Jesus nailed to in the middle, and criminals either side of him. Outstretched arms then herald the opening moments of the second, where he declares he and his crew “Blessed”.




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