Australian Artist Hannah Sands Releases New Single ‘Where Do We Go?’

Brisbane artist Hannah Sands creates moods that drape across the skin and etch themselves in the heart with smooth neo-soul melodies dipped in a fondue of alt-R&B elements, exactly like with her newest track “Where Do We Go?”, which was released on September 2.

Hannah Sands’ earlier recordings have received praise from the likes of Spotify and Triple J Unearthed, with the singer continuing to captivate audiences with her live performances, which include a powerful show at Brisbane Hidden Lanes Festival.

The artist created “Where Do We Go?”, a song about pointless disputes with loved ones and the significance of making things right, with the help of her limitless storytelling skills.

She made her debut in 2020 with the single “Choices,” and has since released a slew of follow-up tracks that display her engrossing story-driven songwriting, soulful lo-fi beats, and lush, velveteen vocals.

Hannah’s luscious vocals flow smoothly through the stanza as “Where Do We Go?” caresses sweetly over the cheek with airy hand percussion and melodious keys.

The tune rises to a tropical crescendo with a flash of percussive intensity, dripping with spiralling vocal harmonies and decadent rhythms. Hannah leaves us with her exquisite jazz-infused vocals and her final inquiry hovering in the air, composed to the end.

According to Hannah, “‘Where Do We Go’ is a neo-soul groove about navigating the fights that don’t matter and the making up that comes later. Taking you through a journey of classic songwriting with a light groove and vocally rich delivery, this song is exactly what you need”.

Listen to the single below:


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