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Earlier this week (February 17), Rolling Stone published an interview with Baauer, where the producer has made it clear that he cannot stand his 2013 hit “Harlem Shake” anymore.


The track, which was actually published in 2012 without great success, received a boost in sales when it became viral in dance-featured videos, allowing the DJ and producer to work with No Doubt and The Prodigy after that.


Despite that, Baauer has felt the pressure of fame, admitting to Rolling Stone: “It became corny and annoying as f**k, and my name was attached to that. I look at Kanye, who lives in that 24/7, and I can’t imagine what kind of a person you must be to deal with that. Just getting the smallest little touch of that experience was too much for me. I totally see what Kurt Cobain must have felt like when it happened to him”.


His debut album Aa will not feature the song, and it will be released on March 18.



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