‘Bad Boys’ TV Spinoff In The Works With Gabrielle Union Set To Star | TV News


It is becoming increasingly easy to lose count of the amount of TV shows in development, and in some cases already airing, based off popular film franchises. Let’s (potentially) add another one to the list. Deadline is reporting that a TV spinoff of the Bad Boys franchise is in the works and currently being shopped to networks.


If pushed into development, the series would focus on Gabrielle Union‘s Bad Boys II character, Special Agent Sydney Burnett, an undercover agent working with the DEA. She’s the sister of Martin Lawrence‘s character Marcus Burnett and became romantically involved with Will Smith‘s Mike Lowrey in the sequel.


Union’s involvement makes sense as her current series, Being Mary Jane, is wrapping next year with a series finale movie, so her schedule is about to open up.


The script is being written by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier (The Blacklist), but there is currently no official word on the project. Every network could pass on it, and it could end up as dead as the third Bad Boys film, which looked to be heading into production until director Joe Carnahan left the project in March.


While there’s still a chance the film could eventually happen, right now TV looks to be the way to go for many film franchises, as we’ve seen plenty of shows like Lethal Weapon, Twelve Monkeys and Minority Report end up on our TVs.


Now, not all of these have been anywhere close to successful, but if the Bad Boys series goes ahead with Union involved, it’s probably got more of a chance than plenty of other film-to-TV adaptations.



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