Balenciaga Brings Fall 2023 Ready-To-Wear Collection To Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga made a public appearance on March 5 during Paris Fashion Week with the presentation of its Winter 2023 collection.

Balenciaga’s playful side seemed to be extended by the fact that the runway show was held inside of Paris’ famous underground shopping mall Carrousel du Louvre, surrounded by throngs of bewildered and enthusiastic tourists.

Models arrived dressed in a playful mix of structured tailoring, floral dresses, and Balenciaga’s typically alien sportswear as the Balenciaga show itself got underway (interestingly, it wasn’t streamed live).

The creative director of Balenciaga’s, Demna’s boyfriend has successfully filled the runway platform with his unique music. All of which was set to the tranquil notes of a piano that became more electronically warped as the show went on.

We couldn’t see much sportswear in the runway (maybe its Paris’s magic), however in the show high-necked sequin gowns, floral dresses, boxy leather jackets, big-shouldered blazers, enormous denim layers, and bug-eyed sunglasses were all present and correctable in the collection.

We predicted Balenciaga to restart in a big way for Winter ’23, and that is essentially what happened with all the repetitions of iconic Balenciaga motifs.

Creative Director of Balenciaga Demna hinted that the collection would be “simple” before the show, alluding to the values that house founder Cristobal Balenciaga had instilled.

The last runway looks did include more simple pieces yet shinny touches as well as Demna talked about it before as well.

In the end, it was wonderful to see the clothes without any controversy and to observe how Demna expanded upon his language at Balenciaga and provided enough innovative clothing. One of these variations is a smaller, rounded shoulder that he modified from a Balenciaga design from the middle of the 1960s.

This variation is most noticeable on the rather simple evening dresses. The majority of these are knit, and one has teeny black fabric strips with beaded tips. Demna claims it has the same intimidating appearance as a crow.

Here are Our Selection of Best Runway Looks from Balenciaga At Paris Fashion Week 2023!


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