BBC America Announces ‘Planet Earth III’ And ‘Frozen Planet II’ | TV News



Two of the BBC’s most beloved and revered docuseries, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, will return to our screens in a couple of years’ time.


The ambition for Planet Earth III is unprecedented. The third installment of the Planet Earth franchise will aim to combine the appeal of the original Planet Earth, the new sciences and discoveries of Blue Planet and Planet Earth II. They will combine this with the narrative and character driven aspects of the recent Dynasties.


The film crews will spend longer in the field than ever before. They will take advantage of developed technologies like robotic cameras, stabilised rigs and deep submersibles. This means the scope and detail of Planet Earth III will be unlike anything previously shown.


Frozen Planet II, like the original Frozen Planet, will focus on the Arctic and Antarctica. This time telling the complete story of the entire quarter of the planet which exists under ice, the series will focus on the rising threat of climate change. In Frozen Planet II, the viewer will follow scientists working in a bid to understand the future of our planet.


Frozen Planet II will air in 2021, while Planet Earth III will air in 2022.



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