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Rapper, producer and songwriter Dan Dare, also known as SLANG, has officially unveiled his brand new single “Every Weekend“.


Following last year’s trio of releases “Richest Man In The World“, “Let Go” and “See You Again“, the track is the feel-good soundtrack for the weekend with impossibly catchy chorus, a heady mix of hip hop beats infused with an indie sensibility in its melodic flow, witty, original lyrics and SLANG’s distinctive lyrical flow.


In an age where new release playlists all sound the same, SLANG leaps out from the crowd, rapping about debauched nights out with friends.



Speaking about the new single, SLANG said: “This song was to honour the Friday or Saturday phone call of ‘Are we going out tonight?’ and the 4am ‘Let’s go find food.’ I wrote ‘Every Weekend’ in downtown LA with [production team] Alex & Alex. We had a huge two weeks in Vegas for my birthday and went back to Hollywood where we broke our brains with the amount of toxins we put into our bodies.”



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