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Canadian rapper, Belly, is on a musical flow having released another single with Roc Nation on May 28, just after releasing, “Might Not” with fellow artist The Weeknd.


The album Another Day in Paradise features a dark beat of a track with entrancing lyrics from Kehlani, “You”. This trance is only broken by Belly’s bars which cut through the vocals and reminds the listener that the track is an R’n’B release.


Kehlani pairs with the underlying music well, as she contrasts the grime-y style with her angelic vocals, although does not fail to throw in a few sharp bouts of swearing, “I’ve been trippin, I’ve been hittin, missin ’cause of you, And I don’t know why I’m so damn persistent over you, I done f*cked around and caught feelings, now I’m tryin to come up with reasons for why I’m feenin for you“.


The song draws the reader back to this ‘you’, as though Kehlani is singing to Belly and Belly is serenading her right back with his lyrics. It appears there is a battle for control between the lovers, they both have overwhelming feelings for each other, that are tipping into the unhealthy and they are working through it in the song.


This is sure to rise through the charts, just as Belly is rising in to a prominent contributor to the R’n’B scene. Not only is he a talented lyricist and rapper, he also has the ability to take you by surprise with his singing abilities. Belly is sure to amass an even greater following with this latest project.


Listen to “You” below.




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