Berlin Vocalist Cloudy June Releases New Single ‘Goodbye To Honeymoon’ | Music News


German singer and songwriter Cloudy June has just returned with a brand-new electro-pop single called “Goodbye To Honeymoon”, that deals with the feeling of fading love in a relationship.


It’s a song about wanting to go back to the day or the moment when it all started, the original butterflies in one’s stomach. But the piece also approaches the fear of losing your partner through a rough time in the relationship.


Cloudy June is a 22-year-old artist who was the lead singer of a death metal band for three years, before choosing to focus on her solo career. She released her debut own EP Heartless at the end of 2018, but her music has evolved a lot since then.


She changed her look, her team and her sound, and has since released a handful of singles, including “High Waist To Hell”, a song that made it into the Top 30 in the Hype Machine Charts and into the Top 5 on SubmitHub.


Cloudy June’s third single released this year, “Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts”, reached over 190 000 streams on Spotify and over 200 000 video views on TikTok.


This new offering is quite promising, and Cloudy June has already teased new music for next year.


Go listen to the “Goodbye To Honeymoon”:




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