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Lemonade 2


Despite Beyonce‘s Lemonade going platinum on June 8, the celebrations have taken a turn for the worse.


Beyonce, Sony, Columbia and Parkwood Entertainment are being sued, over allegations made by filmmaker Matthew Fulks that the video for Lemonade uses similar shots to his own project Palinoia that he made in 2014. Fulks claims that the project’s team were aware of his film before they began shooting for Lemonade.


According to Fulks, he had been offered an opportunity to work with Columbia artists and in order to secure this, he sent them his short film. Fulks was delivered a note asking him to write a video treatment (a document that defines the concept of the film) to be considered by Columbia in July 2015, and a year later, the filming for Lemonade began.


You can check out the similarities between the films below.





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