Big 6ix + TE dness – Are You Mad? | Music Video

Big 6ix 04.07.2016ANDREW


6 Figure Music engineer and artist, Big 6ix, links up with fellow 6er artist, Te dness, in the brand new music video to “Are You Mad?”.


“Are You Mad?” shimmers with a faint degree of menace, that is before an explosion heralds the song proper. Deep and low bass slides up and down, bobbing to the surface and submerging. The drums rattle and the bass drum comes in with an attack akin to the double kick pedal of a heavy metal drummer. The beat occasionally strips back to accentuate vocals.


The video, a Mornix motion picture, begins with a posse of people on motorcycles, cars and vans. The aforementioned explosion is actually said van crashing through a wall, people jumping out with baseball bats. Is this a heist, wading in to do some damage or both?




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