Brazilian Musician Anchor The Sun Releases New Track ‘SAY IT’

Lilly J’s solo music project Anchor The Sun has released a brand new single called “SAY IT”. This song was produced in collaboration with her former bandmate and producer Bruno Prado and was mastered by Big Bass Brian.

The musician describes the track as the internal conflict that arose during a strange period of her life saying, “when I realised I wasn’t there for myself whilst looking for external reassurance in inevitably toxic relationships. The imagery I painted in my head was of a broken girl standing by a lover’s apartment door, about to leave and never come back“.

She goes to explain, “She would then go on to start a monologue about why she couldn’t be with him anymore, but it turns out she’s having realisations about herself and how she is the one who put herself in that position in the first place. After the breakthrough she had right there, and then, she gives the lover a chance to speak before she leaves – that’s when the song finishes. It’s up to the listener to decide what his response is”.

Lilly is Brazilian born and based between Edinburgh and London. She created Anchor The Sun due to her childhood dream of becoming a musician and her love for guitar melodies, vocal harmonies and powerful lyrics.

The name of her music project references the dualism of existence and her music shares feelings of introspection, despair and hope, bringing together the joys and the struggles of being human. Her musical influences are David Gilmour, The Beatles, Tropicalia movement and Brazilian poetry.

Anchor the Sun’s debut single was titled “I Don’t Know”, having been released independently in 2020. The song was followed by another two singles “Not Enough” and “When This Is Over”. She has been working on new music with a release plan for 2021 and a tour plan for the second half of 2022.

Listen to “SAY IT” now:


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