British-Iranian Woman Has Been Temporary Released After Two Years In Jail | Politics


Her name is Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and back in September 2016, she was sentenced to five years imprisonment in Iran. The reason was said to be suspicious online journalistic activity, recruiting and training people to spread propaganda against the Persian country.


Before the incarceration she was working for the world’s biggest news and information provider, Thomson Reuters; she has always denied the allegations of espionage, but on April 2016 she was arrested at the airport in Tehran after visiting her family on holiday.


After that, a movement kicked off fighting for her rights, dubbed Free Nazanin and guided especially by her husband – and father of their now 4 years old daughter Gabriella – Richard Ratcliffe. He has also launched an online petition urging both the UK Prime Minister and Iran’s Supreme Leader to take appropriate action.


More or less nothing has improved since that tragic day; but today brought the announcement of a temporary release, a three-day furlough. Nazanin will be able to spend time with her family until Sunday, August 26, but hopefully this will turn into permanent freedom.


Now she has strict conditions to respect, she can’t be interviewed, nor visit any foreign embassy and of course can’t leave Iran. But it might be the beginning of something good.


By the way, Nazanin’s family has criticised the UK government for not negotiating her release, still hoping this delicate situation will come to a happy end.



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